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TraceInsight Demo

We at cprlorca have dedicated our time and resources into developing a software solution that can help address the need of Vulnerability Management for our users.  We interviewed hundreds of IT Managers and other security users to identify the problems that are currently faced with most "vulnerability management" solutions.  Through our research, we were able to come up with TraceInsight, a tool that turns vulnerability scanning into true vulnerability management.

Concerns from users and how we've helped to solve them using TraceInsight:


How do you identify and remediate the vulnerabilities that need to be fixed first?

TraceInsight allows you to sort, search and filter your results in order to analyze and prioritize your assets and vulnerabilities to really identify what's important.  Our vulnerability library includes dozens of references to source information, typically from software vendors, explaining the finding and how to fix it.


How do you ensure that they are actually fixed or addressed?

Use TraceInsight to assign vulnerabilities to team members to perform specific remediation tasks and track the progress towards the remediation.  Or notate why a finding does not need to be immediately remediated to help explain why not all vulnerabilities are fixed.  The TraceInsight scanner not only shows you what you’ve failed, but also the known vulnerabilities that you have passed.


Most importantly, how do you prove to your bosses, board and regulators that you actually have a plan to fix them?

TraceInsight allows you to show trending reports that prove that there are more vulnerabilities being passed each time a scan is made, that with each scan you and your team are addressing more vulnerabilities.  Overall, proving that you have a true vulnerability management program in place!




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