Proactively identify, analyze and remediate risk for a more strategic information security program.

TraceCSO gives you enterprise-class IT risk and security management – regardless of your organization’s size.


Risk management was built to be the foundation that helps you to manage risk proactively and in context of your day-to-day information security program. It is the catalyst to identify your assets, threats and controls, and then mitigate and manage risk with the right controls.

Simplify the risk assessment process. TraceCSO leverages the NIST 800-30 methodology of tiers and inheritance modeling – allowing you to see the relationship between assets and reduce the redundant effort typically required to properly document an IT environment.

Streamline the risk assessment process. Quickly customize a common set of assets, threats and controls to your organization’s unique environment, and leverage TraceCSO’s integrated ticketing system to assign, survey and track success to the control objective and regulatory requirements.

Risk Management Capabilities

  • Repository of assets, threats and pre-mapped controls
  • Assign controls based on role
  • Remediation Action Plan, implementation workflow and ticketing
  • Dashboards and reports with drill-down and filter capabilities
  • Integrates with every functional area of the software and updates automatically


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