TraceCSO simplifies information security and compliance management

The cloud solution for risk-based information security

  • The market’s only cloud-based platform that delivers a complete and effective IT GRC capability
  • Automates any, or all, of the eight primary IT GRC management functions
  • Suitable for companies of any size and easily scales to accommodate growth
  • Requires no dedicated security or compliance expertise
  • Makes you compliant by default

The Trace Platform

The game-changing innovation at the heart of TraceCSO. It provides:

  • A single point of data entry and correlation: Enter data just once to enable access throughout all eight of the TraceCSO functions. This data allow you to centrally manage, update, analyze and report a single version of the truth.
  • Built-in information security expertise: Organizations of any information security and compliance expertise can quickly realize value from TraceCSO. Wizards, helpful hints and best practices are built into the platform and lead organizations through the risk assessment process.
  • Real-time updates and automatic integration: TraceCSO integrates and correlates with a database of tens of thousands of citations for more than 500 regulatory authorities around the world, and any changes made in one function are correlated appropriately throughout the software.


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