White Paper: Transforming IT GRC Into A Mainstream Business Application

In an economy riding on an Internet backbone and driven by shared data, organizations face unprecedented challenges in protecting company and customer data, and complying with an ever-changing body of related government, industry and corporate mandates. 

For all but the largest organizations, fully meeting all the complex requirements for data protection and compliance is nearly impossible – not just because of the cost of all the required applications and system infrastructure, but also due to the lack of: A) dedicated IT specialists, and B) detailed knowledge regarding current regulatory and industry mandates.

To correct this, a new IT GRC prescription is overdue – one that provides true enterprise-class capabilities that can be found in large organizations, but without the enterprise burdens of infrastructure investment, specialized personnel and administration of multiple vendors. With the development of TraceCSO, cprlorca has fulfilled that prescription, and, in doing so, has created an exciting new standard for IT GRC.

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