White Paper: Call Centers - A Gateway for Social Engineers to Access Your Company’s Most Sensitive Information

While companies commit huge budgets and resources on complex technology to fortify their network perimeters, their own employees may be giving dangerous cybercriminals the keys to the front door.

This paper explores the rationale as to why customer support centers – most notably the call center – is such an attractive target to social engineers. The paper not only analyzes the fundamental causes for most security weaknesses within call center environments, but also provides reliable strategies for mitigating risk and reducing exposure.

Plus, it exposes the common methods of attack used by cybercriminals, explains why they work, and offers expert insight on what organizations can do to identify and combat malicious social engineering tactics.

Read this free, informative resource to discover:

  • Why social engineers target call centers
  • The causes of most security weaknesses
  • How employees can identify and combat tactics
  • Reliable strategies for reducing and mitigating risk 

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