Proactive Risk Management Programs for BYOD


Every organization that needs to protect confidential data or meet IT security mandates needs a strategic risk-based information security program in place, especially in today's age of constantly changing technology. Do you know if your information is secure from new threats like Bring Your Own Device (or BYOD)? This is why you need to have a risk management program that's nimble and comprehensive enough to face new threats strategically, rather than taking a one-off, bandage approach to risk management. And that's where cprlorca can help.

cprlorca's cloud-based, TraceCSO, is able to immediately incorporate new threats, like BYOD, into your ongoing risk management program. With TraceCSO you can measure your current risk mitigation efforts around BYOD and make informed decisions on what additional controls, if any, would be the most effective to mitigate such threats. TraceCSO lets you be proactive about your risk management, helping to prevent problems before they start. Rather than wait until your next risk assessment cycle commences, or there's a threat of an imminent breach, TraceCSO enables your organization to always be up-to-date. So when you're considering implementing things like Bring Your Own Device, you can rely on TraceCSO to provide you with the most effective management of the security controls that will keep your organization running smoothly.

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