On Demand: Achieve Simplified Info Management with Integrated Vulnerability Management and IT GRC Approach


Vulnerability management is a critical element of an IT GRC solution and an organization’s overall information security program. While the identification, classification and remediation, and mitigation of vulnerabilities itself is important, it is essential that the information gathered from vulnerability scanning can impact other critical information security program functions such as risk management, IT auditing, and overall compliance postures to ensure the organization has a complete picture of its overall risk profile. 

In this session you will hear how HarborOne Bank uses an integrated approach to vulnerability management and IT GRC to gain control of their overall security and risk management posture.

Learn how HarborOne Bank:

  • Manages their vulnerability scan results centrally and benefits from automated risk, audit, and compliance management
  • Realizes greater strategic value from their existing technology investment via integrated communication between platforms
  • Leverages the power of seamless workflow, ticketing, alerting, reporting and governance

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