On Demand: Mapping Information Security Risk to Compliance


Examiners and regulatory auditors are checking to see whether cyber security threats are properly managed. Recent guidance from federal regulators makes it clear that even the smallest organizations are significant targets for fraudulent activity.

In this webinar, Gerald Beasley, cprlorca Security Services Manager and information security expert, will present a tactical outline that ensures your IT security risk management activities are properly aligned with federal guidelines and significant risk scenarios are not missed. You will:

  • Gain insight into the role that even small or medium-sized businesses play in the national infrastructure, and why the federal government is emphasizing this aspect of information security
  • Learn how to ensure that strategic risk management practices are properly connected to the ground-level implementation of IT systems
  • Become aware of specific threat vectors that are important to consider in the current environment

Test de Penetrare, Scanare de Vulnerabilitati, MoldovaTeste de Penetrare, Scanari de Vulnerabilitati, Moldova