On Demand: Four Steps to Create Intelligent Information Security Policies


Keeping up with information security threats means turning security intelligence into policy rules. 

Organizations often implement policies based on compliance requirements that are written to address a broad spectrum of organizations, some of which may not apply to them specifically and leads to confusion. Over time, even good policies become out-of-date and do not address actual risk. 

Learn how your organization can establish security policies that ensure ongoing compliance and incorporate the appropriate level of security.

Hear Josh Stone, Director of Product Management, explore four steps organizations should take to infuse intelligence into their security policies and ultimately their network infrastructure.

  • The importance of taking an inventory of assets and completing a risk assessment that establishes a baseline and prioritizes which areas policies must meet
  • How an organization should set up its security goals with policies in mind
  • Continuous policy monitoring that ensures alignment with current information security goals, despite the ever-changing network
  • Benefits of effective intelligent security policies your organization can expect to realize

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