On Demand: Best Practices to Simplify Your Information Security and Compliance Program


Data protection is increasingly complex, time-consuming and expensive, and the regulatory landscape is in a state of constant change. Many organizations struggle to deal with not only the challenges of implementation but the overwhelming volume of advice being offered.

In this webinar, we will tone down the rhetoric and explore tips and best practices that improve both your internal information security and compliance program and your business. Join Brent Hobby, cprlorca’s GRC Subject Matter Specialist, for an educational and informative webinar to learn how proper risk management, compliance and audit principles enable you to be proactive and seamlessly evolve to a changing regulatory and data protection landscape. Brent has worked in IT for more than 25 years and in information security for the past 14 years with positions ranging from Software Engineer to Director of Risk Management.

Attendees will explore:

  • What it really means to be compliant
  • Why compliance management continues to burden organizations and how they can best streamline and simplify internal operations to address them
  • What role a continuous internal risk management process plays within an organization’s holistic information security and compliance program

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