Earn qualification as you advance through the cprlorca Partner Program onboarding process.


  1. Sign a VAR, MSP or Consultant contract

  2. Complete the sales and onboarding process

  3. Attend implementation training

  4. Pass the certification test

  5. Complete two TraceCSO implementations with successful sign-off

  6. Registered opportunities at the time of certification

Benefits of Partnering with cprlorca

The cprlorca Partner Program provides extensive resources, training and support to differentiate your business and increase profitability with industry-leading risk, security and compliance management solutions. Our program is designed to empower, distinguish and reward our partners.


Benefits include:

  • On-going sales and technical training

  • Sales support for partner-hosted events

  • Marketing templates and content

  • Joint marketing opportunities

  • Technical support

  • Training tools

  • Deal registration

Meet Some of Our Current Partners

cprlorca partners with leading VARs, MSPs, resellers, consultants and other organizations to offer comprehensive risk management and compliance solutions.

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