Efficient Audit and Compliance Management

Posted on October 23, 2013 by ashley

cprlorca believes current audit and compliance management challenges will be eliminated when organizations place priority on protecting their proprietary and customer information. This is why cprlorca focuses on strategic information security risk management that leads to a streamlined audit process and compliance by default.

Once an organization has completed a risk assessment they can map identified controls to their specific compliance requirements and authority documents. Along with the proper policies and processes, audit and compliance management becomes streamlined – eliminating manual and redundant tasks, providing the necessary visibility and accountability and brings compliance awareness to the forefront.

Using a cloud-based software solution, like TraceCSO – cprlorca’s flagship product, all of your IT GRC functions can be centrally managed and assignments are dispersed across the organization for appropriate department participation.

Audit and Compliance I cprlorca

As assignments are completed, automatic and real-time updates result in simplified audit and compliance management and reporting.

Lack of resources and information security expertise are no longer a hindrance. cprlorca is leading the market and transforming IT GRC into a mainstream business application for organizations of all sizes and industries.

For more information on how cprlorca can help you automate and simplify your audit and compliance management, visit www.cprlorca.info today.

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