Adobe Releases Critical Security Patches You Need to Apply Now!

Posted on August 9, 2017 by morganr

Adobe Releases Critical Security Patches You Need to Apply Now!
August 9, 2017

Get out your backup drives and use them to get a recent copy of your important files to set aside, because Adobe released a truckload of fixes today for several of its products. Eighty of them are available to fix many security and critical vulnerabilities. Only two were issued for the soon-to-be-gone Adobe Flash Player, which is set for end of life in 2020. Sixty-nine of them address various issues with Acrobat and Reader.

Because of the number of patches in this batch, getting a current backup completed first is highly recommended. This is a practice that should be in everyone’s routine even if it's just a normal day at the office. It can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration if an update doesn’t quite work as expected or if you accidently execute malware installing it onto your device.

There are many ways to do this including using an external backup drive, storing your information on a cloud server, or just putting your important files and photos on a USB drive.

Now that you have that backup done, go directly to Adobe’s website to get the patches for your products. Remember that Adobe is often used by cybercriminals to try to trick you into installing malware, giving up your login credentials, or installing potentially unwanted products (PUP) such as additional toolbars onto your browsers. Whenever a dialogue box appears on your screen, regardless of where it appears to be from, spend a few seconds reviewing it before clicking it away. In the case of a fix, it’s better to go directly to a product’s website and get those there.

Because Adobe Flash Player has been riddled with security vulnerabilities throughout its lifetime, that product is often used to get malware onto devices. It’s important to always apply security and critical patches as soon as possible after their releases for any app or software you have installed.

Products addressed with this recent batch of patches include Acrobat, Digital Editions, Experience Manager, Flash Player, and Reader. You can go to Adobe’s website to get the most current versions of those products and get all of the fixes.

While 80 fixes at one time may be a little intimidating, at least as far as Adobe knows none of these vulnerabilities have been exploited in the wild.

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